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Video Class or Phone Class?

Posted by Elva Ellen Ortega on March 28, 2011 at 10:08 AM Comments comments (0)

This would be my second post. I would like to thank my best friend, Mariska Ceñidoza, for giving me an idea about what to write here. I guess that is a good suggestion, so I am posting another topic related to my work. There are two ways that I know in teaching English to Koreans online. One is thru video where the companies have their own program which is connected to the public or private schools in Korean, and sometimes to the homes of selected students. Another is thru phone, where the teachers call the student to conduct the class. Two different systems, but I love teaching in both ways. I think I would love to teach in different kind of ways because either way, I know; I would excel and learn from it.


Okay, so let's start for video classes. Well, in this system, it's more like of a classroom setup thing. Like when you teach in real schools, but of course, you cannot touch them. You can see your students, and they can see you. You can handle here students from kindergarten to professionals. You might encounter handling students who doesn't even know English ABC's! A teacher who will teach thru video must be super perky. You need to be so alive to get your student's attention or else, you will end the class with you feeling so exhausted, and your student learning nothing because you keep on scolding them or something to get their attention. There were times that you might handle a class with forty students! See what I mean? How could you get all their attention if you look sleepy and not energetic? Some companies have a pause button where you can click it when you felt like yawning, so your student would not see what you were doing buy you were not moving in their screen. Well, that would make your students freak out, probably because they would think something wrong is happening in your connections. I haven't encountered that kind of system, but anyhow that is pretty cool. You know why? It’s because when you are in front of your student in video classes, you are not allowed to yawn, sneeze or other things unfavorable. You should always look presentable.


I think that is one thing that I do not like in handling video class. You should always put make up on even if you were super allergic with it, to make you look so fresh and not stress out. Anyhow, there are also good things in teaching in video classes. You can actually interact with them because you can see them, you know if they are really listening to you or just playing around. You can play some games related to your topic, like hangman and charade. Since most classes in this kind of system are 25 minutes to one hour, you really would need to have some activities to do to fill in the time. You can also have some free talking where you can talk about anything, even about their love life, if they want to talk about it. I miss doing that, though when I had my video classes, I only have three students, all boys, in one class for twenty five minutes. Some are cool, some are not.


Alright, so now let us move on with the phone classes. I do not know that much actually, I just know some things since it's my job right now. Teaching using VOIP system, calling students and having a ten-minute class each day. Well, at first, I thought, how would I suppose to do a class in ten minutes?? It was kind of stressful when you think about it, but come on when you actually on it, it was pretty easy than video classes. No stress actually. However, you still need to prepare for your classes, of course. In my current work, we have phone classes, we have topics to talk about and there are different things that you should do in ten minutes. Most likely, you can have a free talking about the topic. It would be fun if the student is participating very well or active and like to talk a lot. However, it would be a bit boring when your student doesn't like to participate and more likely just want to listen to all your talks, which is not good. I think in phone classes, it depends on the account the company was handling, so I cannot say anything much about it. Anyhow, I do enjoy my job now. It is not that stressful and you can actually yawn, if you were feeling sleepy but don't make a sound of it...


If you really enjoy teaching, I think you can do it in any way. May it be thru phone class, video class, or man-man. The important thing is that you enjoy what you're doing, and not just because you would earn money from it. I think helping students to learn is more important than money. I hope I gave you some idea. Thank you for reading.

Teaching Koreans ...

Posted by Elva Ellen Ortega on March 25, 2011 at 2:13 AM Comments comments (0)

I've been teaching Koreans for some months now. The first time I taught Koreans was through a video class, and now I am teaching them through a phone or VOIP system. In video classes, which are sometimes group classes, you will be able to see them and teachers uses presentations to show them the lessons. While in phone classes, you would only hear their voices, what makes is hard is when the student doesn't have their book to read. They have different programs and system, but I used the same method in teaching.


When I resigned to my first job as a computer teacher and secretary in a learning center, my boss warn me that koreans were harder to teach than chinese. They, also, said that koreans usually are disrespectful to their teachers. Well, you will never really know if you haven't tried to teach them. One thing that is true about koreans, physical appearance of their teacher is very important to them. Sometimes they won't cooperate and won't listen if they do not like the teacher, especially their looks. I am not really a pretty person, but somehow, I could make my students follow me and cooperate.


How did I do it? I used my charm, hehehe not of being beautiful, but for being friendly to them. In that way they would feel at ease and relax. Well, maybe that's the kind of teacher all people would like, Koreans or not. Koreans were not really that hard to teach, sometimes, especially if you have their trust and they enjoyed your class. During my video classes, sometimes if we finished the lesson early, I usually prepare for some activities or games that we may play. In that way, they would not feel pressured in studying. Well, they feel so much pressure with the things that they did to study. They need to go to school, then after that, they need to go to their academies and then they still have a private tutor. Can you believe how much effort they have to study, to learn.


I actually admire their eagerness to learn, though we may say that there are really some students who doesn't like what they're doing, but they have no choice. That's what their parents want them to do to have a good future and have a good job someday. As a teacher, I also learn a lot from them. Aside from learning some of their expressions, I learned how to handle different levels of students. I learned how to be patient, or to have a long patience, specially because I was a hot tempered person. I would not say that there was no time that I've got irritated to them, because I do sometimes. I am not a perfect person, you know. However, I tried my best to stay calm as possible. First thing that you should do, if your student irritate you? specially during video class? Just smile. In that way they will see that you are not affected to the things that they were doing to irritate you. If you get affected, that would only result to bigger problem and complain. You might get terminated to your job, too, I could say that patience is one of the most important attitude that a teacher must have, especially if your teaching Koreans or students who were hard to handle.


Why do I admire their eagerness to learn? Well, even filipinos cannot take studying the whole day. They can't even hang out with their friends because they have so many homeworks to do, aside from, they still have tutor at home! I would actually admit that I cannot do that. I may like studying but not the whole day. I still want to have a long rest after school. Even in their vacations, they still need to study. Unlike in the Philippines, students can do whatever they want in their vacations. Maybe that is one reason why I am interested in teaching Koreans.


It was also overwhelming to hear them laugh and say "thank you, teacher." In that way, I know I made some difference in their lives...


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